Monday, May 6, 2013

101 Things in 1001 Days - March/April 2013

#2 Read through the Bible in the NLT - Matthew done - 15/66 books read
#43 hang Jim's band pictures- several hung
#56 Plant rhubarb and eggplant - done
#81 Read 50 nonfiction books - done
#1 Rad through the Message paraphrase of the Bible - Proverbs done - 19/66 books read
#25 Personal journal entries - added 12 - 90/143 done
#26 Update Uncurable Bookworm blog - 1 post added - 13/70 done
#27 Update Homekeeping (and now my Resolved Woman blog) 12 entries added - 51/286 done
#69 Launch a new faith based blog - done
#78 Juvenile fiction read - 2 - 21/25 read
#80 Fiction read- 6 - 49/50 done
#82 Try new recipes - 14 tried - 124/143 done
#83 Write meal plans - 2 done - 24/72
#90 Blog books for BookSneeze - 1 done - 6/15

Friday, March 29, 2013

New Blog Launch

I have launched a new blog at This will be a blog dedicated to posts about growing in faith and practical wisdom. It will include many of the sorts of things I have posted in this blog, but in  more dedicated format. I will keep this blog around for awhile to continue my 101 Things updates and for other posts that don't fit into my other blogs. This blog was my first attempt at blogging and I am reluctant to let it go completely, so even as I branch out into a different sort of blog, I plan to keep this one around for a bit as further training ground, or just as an old friend. Feel free to check out the new site as well and be patient, as it is very much under construction. Thanks for your continued reading of this blog and for letting my ramblings into your lives. :)

Homemade Gift Update

In my quest to do mostly homemade gifts this year, I have been knitting and crocheting much more than usual. I would also like to do a craft fair in the fall and so am hoping to have plenty of items for that as well. I have been mostly making scarves which would work for either gifts or the fair. I recently made a lace insert for v-neck tops for my mom. It was sort of a late birthday present or at this point, an Easter gift. It was my first one of these to try and it turned out really pretty. I made it in soft pink bamboo thread. Mom liked  it. I have purchased the yarn to make a football field blanket for Caleb. With baseball season starting up, I'll be doing plenty of stitching in the stands and hope to get many gifts done that way.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

101 Things in 1001 Days _ Jan/Feb 2013

Progress made on my 101 things list in January and February:
#92 Get a new shower curtain - done
#98 Get new bedroom curtains and #99 get a new blanket - done - some were given to us
#25 Personal journal entries - 8 added - new total 68/143
#29 Cards and letters sent 9 - new total 27/35
#78 Juvnile fiction read 2 - new total19/25
#80 Fiction read 10 - new total 43/50
#81 Nonfiction read 3 - new total 49/50
#82 New recipes tried 20 - new total 110/143
#83 Meal plans written 4 - new total 22/72

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chicken Teriyaki Stew

I adapted this yummy stew recipe from a recent Taste of Home magazine.

2 large sweet potatoes peeled & cut
4 carrots peeled & cut
4 red potatoes cut into chunks
6 chicken thighs
1/2 cup each of teriyaki sauce and maple syrup
salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste
Put the veggies in the bottom of a slow cooker. Place the chicken on top. Mix the teriyaki sauce 7 maple syrup with the spices & pour over chicken.
Cook on high 4 hours. Remove chicken & pull from bones. replace the meat in the slow cooker & stir well.
Serve over cooked rice or pasta.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Homemade Christmas

Yes, I realize Christmas 2012 has barely passed, but I am already looking towards Christmas 2013. I usually do several homemade gifts each year, especially for the boys' teachers at school and church. Since I have been finding so many great gift ideas on Pinterest and Ravelry I am planning to make Christmas 2013 almost entirely homemade. There will still be some store-bought gifts since I do have pre-teen boys who would be disappointed if everything under the tree was homemade, but I think I can do most of the gifts for the family and teachers on our gift list by hand.

In order to do that I will need to start now. This is great motivation to finally finish some of the projects I already have started. I am already pinning loads of good ideas to my Pinterest boards. (You can follow me on Pinterest at heatherblogs). I am also looking at the craft magazines in my stash and at knitting and crochet books from the library for more ideas. Some of the things I am considering are: sugar scrubs, crocheted dishcloths, bath scrubbies, scarves, and headbands, knitted or crocheted blankets and rugs, cross-stitched or crocheted bookmarks, scrapbooks, drink mixes, seasoning mixes, and others. I plan to do a lot more blogging in 2013 so Handmade Christmas will become a regular series. Once I get the tech issues I am currently having with my phone resolved, I hope to

101 Things in 1001 Days Nov./Dec. 2012 Progress

#25 Personal journal entries - 10 entries added - new total 60/143
#27 Homekeeping blog posts - 3 added - new total 39/286
#78 Juvenile fiction books - 2 read - new total 17/25
#80 Fiction books - 12 read - new total 33/50
#81 Non-fiction books - 7 read - new total 46/50
#82 New recipes - 19 tried - new total 91/143
#90 Blog 15 books for Booksneeze - 2 blogged - new total 5/15
#20 Read through the Bible in the New Living Translation - 2Kings read - new total 12/66 books read
#68 Launch The Band Director's Wife blog - done only I called it Jogging With the Jonses instead 
#26 Uncurable Bookworm blog posts - 3 added - new total 12/70
#29 Write cards & letters - 2 written (I didn't count Christmas cards) - new total 18/35
#31 Read through the Jesus Calling for Kids devotional with the boys - done
#32 Read through the Jesus Calling devotional with my husband - I read through it on my own
#67 Smashbook 2012 - fail - did not do
#83 Meal plans - 1 written - new total 18/72